About Xer Technologies

Xer Technologies AG (Switzerland) is dedicated to develop, produce and market customisable, heavy-duty Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solutions that enables our customers to generate actionable data insights and creates a safer, efficient and sustainable world.

The company is headquartered in Dietikon (Zurich), Switzerland and also has an office in Singapore.

Our Mission

We develop heavy duty UAS, that generate actionable data insights to empower our clients.

Our Vision

A safer, efficient and more sustainable world through heavy duty UAS

The company started in 2011 as an early pioneer in commercial drone flying, search & rescue and surveillance services, quickly building a reputation as a leader in its field. In 2021, the company was rebranded as Xer Technologies after Rex International Holding in Singapore invested in the company to commercialise the prototype. In early 2023, the company moved its HQ from Sweden to Dietikon, Switzerland.

Our first product, the X8 was launched in late 2022.

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