Xer X8 UAS – The ultimate solution for power line drone inspection

Elevate your ROI with a complete solution for automated drone inspection of power lines and grids

The Xer X8 UAS is a long-range hybrid electric drone platform optimized for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) power line inspection. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and precision LiDAR, it provides the critical data needed for reliable, effective, and safe inspections.

Why Choose Xer X8 for Power Line Inspections?

  • Advanced Technology: High-quality data collection with high-resolution cameras and LiDAR
  • Efficiency: 2.5 hour flight time, BVLOS capability and automation mean fast, effective data capture you can rely on
  • Cost Savings: Reduces the need for traditional inspection methods, offering significant cost reductions
  • Safety: Conduct inspections in challenging conditions from a safe distance, minimizing risk to personnel

Create digital twins of your assets

With a LiDAR sensor, the Xer X8 can create detailed digital twins of your power grid, enabling predictive maintenance and preventing costly outages.

Fast and precise inspection

Thanks to its 2.5-hour flight time and exceptional payload capacity, the Xer X8 can carry advanced sensors for comprehensive data analysis, outperforming traditional methods.

Xer X8 UAS for power line drone inspection

Xer X8 powerline inspection Drone long flighttime

Future-proof your operation with BVLOS capabilities

BVLOS inspection extends your reach far beyond traditional methods and conventional drone inspection, placing you at the forefront of the industry.

Ready for demanding missions in severe conditions

Built to perform in challenging environments, the X8 operates in up to 35 knots of wind and extreme temperatures, maximizing operational days and your ROI.

Boost your power line inspection ROI

Capture high-quality images and detailed inspection data, enhancing your service offerings and ensuring reliable scheduling and faster project turnarounds.

Xer X8 UAS

Xer Technologies X8 Measurements

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