The ultimate solution for power line drone inspection – Xer X8 UAS

Elevate your ROI with a complete solution for automated drone inspection of power lines and grids

The Xer X8 drone is a long-range hybrid electric UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) optimized for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) power line inspection. This technologically advanced inspection platform is optimized for providing the high quality, critical data that energy and utility companies need. Equipped with high resolution camera and/or high precision LiDAR, the X8 UAS makes inspection more reliable, effective and safer than ever before.

The Xer X8 UAS is also ideal for inspection of oil and gas assets, offshore wind park inspection, or other large-scale infrastructure, integrated with leading inspection payloads as well as fully automated flight planning and data analysis software. Inspecting with the X8 UAS offers significant cost savings, compared to power line inspection with traditional drones or manual inspection methods.

Automate your drone inspection workflow

By leveraging advanced drone technology and automation capabilities, you can now execute precise, repeatable flight paths with minimal manual intervention. This translates into a much more efficient and reliable inspection process for power lines and towers than before. Automation ensures consistency and high-quality data collection, which are crucial for tracking the condition of power line infrastructure over time.

Our automated drone technology greatly improves your decision-making processes, providing actionable insights that support maintenance and operational strategies and plans. With the high-quality data collected by the Xer X8 UAS, you can make informed decisions that enhance the longevity and reliability of your power line infrastructure. Automated inspection workflow is a game-changer for the utilities industry, offering unparalleled benefits in efficiency, safety, and data quality that will propel your electrical grid inspection operations into the future.

Create digital twins of your assets

The Xer X8 equipped with a LiDAR sensor digitizes your power grid with high precision. This solution creates a detailed view of the assets and its surrounding environment in a single flight. With a digital twin in place, it is easy for the grid operator to conduct predictive maintenance and identify potential issues and prevent possible costly outages before they ever occur.

Fast and precise inspection of vast infrastructure – thanks to 2.5 hr flight time

The X8 UAS is a truly groundbreaking multicopter drone inspection solution thanks to its hybrid-electric propulsion, giving the X8 2.5 hours of flight time with 3 kg payload. The exceptional payload capacity, of up to 7 kg, allows it to carry the most advanced high-resolution cameras, LiDAR, infrared and other advanced sensors for detailed inspection data analysis. Unlike fixed-wing drones, the X8 can hover steadily to capture images and data of the highest possible quality. Compared to battery-powered drones and traditional methods of power line inspection, the X8 UAS offers a much more effective workflow. Most drone-based inspection operations could expect to increase output in common scenarios.

Xer X8 UAS for power line drone inspection

Future-proof your operation with Xer X8 BVLOS capabilities

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations mark a pivotal shift in the power line inspection industry. The Xer X8 multicopter UAS embodies this change, offering capabilities that extend your reach far beyond the limitations of traditional line-of-sight and ground inspections. With our experience in BVLOS, you can be at the forefront right now and benefit from being the first mover in your market.

Ready for the most demanding power line inspection missions

Equipped to handle the most rigorous power line inspections, the Xer X8 is your go-to drone for power line inspection, reducing safety risks and boosting efficiency. It can be tailored with premium high-resolution cameras, LiDAR and thermal imaging sensors, suitable for both regular inspections and mapping processes. This allows you to collect high-quality power line inspection data and detailed images to help you find any power line defect.

Execute inspection missions in harsh wind & weather conditions

Built for resilience, the Xer X8 UAS thrives in challenging conditions, proving itself as a reliable performer in up to 35 knots of wind and in sub-zero as well as high temperatures. This makes it a robust choice for aerial inspections, even in demanding environments. Using the X8 drone for power line inspections minimizes down days and maximizes ROI for power grid operators and service providers.

Boost your power line inspection ROI

Use the Xer X8 for cost-effective and efficient drone inspections, including detailed visual inspections to identify power line defects. Use our drone solution for inspection that captures high-resolution, quality images during drone inspection flights, making it perfect for comprehensive power line and substation inspections.

The Xer X8’s robust design ensures reliable performance in adverse weather conditions, offering more operational days and fewer weather-related cancellations. For your clients, this translates into reliable scheduling and faster project turnaround times. Add to that the automated flight planning and integration with leading inspection software, and you can now offer clients an efficient, end-to-end inspection service that maximizes their ROI and enhances the overall value of your service offerings.

Xer X8 UAS Benefits

For energy grid companies

The Xer X8 sets a new standard for electric utility companies to carry out inspections, transforming traditional inspection methods into a streamlined, efficient process. With its quick start, enabling take off in minutes and 2.5-hour extended flight time, emergency as well as routine inspections can now be conducted with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The X8’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and operate in challenging environments further enhances workers’ safety, cuts insurance costs and aligns with best practices for health and safety. Finally, the quality of data facilitates predictive and proactive maintenance and robust asset management. You can achieve significant economic benefits by increasing the longevity and performance of your grid infrastructure and ensure a consistent, reliable power supply to your customers.

For inspections service providers

The Xer X8 is a leap forward in drone technology for both demanding drone operators and power line inspectors. The high payload capacity and long-range flight capabilities enable a wide range of inspection services, from detailed visual analysis to thermal imaging and data collection for digital twin creation. Offer your clients a comprehensive inspection package, with high-resolution images and inspection reports that provide valuable insights. Its advanced integration and customizable sensor options allow you to cater to specific client needs, from energy grid companies to private enterprises requiring infrastructure inspections.


The Xer X8 UAS revolutionizes power line inspections with its advanced flight plan automation capabilities. By minimizing manual intervention, the X8 UAS drone allows for precise and repeatable flight paths, resulting in a more efficient and reliable inspection process with consistent and high-quality data as a result.

Xer X8 UAS

Xer Technologies X8 Measurements

Custom sensors

The X8 UAS is integrated with leading mission planning software for automated flights and drone inspection software for data management as well as premium high-resolution camera systems, high precision LiDAR and thermal sensors, depending on your inspection use case. To future proof your investment, the X8 can be further customized to meet detailed inspection demands or potential changes in legislation in your area.

Custom solutions

The Xer X8 UAS is designed to be adaptable, meeting the unique requirements of various asset inspections processes. Whether your focus is on extended flight range, high altitude flights, or precise measurements for detailed analysis, the Xer X8 is ready to meet these needs. It supports a comprehensive inspection approach and precise mission planning that outperforms traditional methods including ground inspections and helicopter inspections.

Contact us to discuss how the Xer X8 can be integrated into your electric utilities inspection workflow or drone program, offering an innovative drone solution to meet the evolving demands of the utility industry and power grid and transmission and distribution asset inspections.

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