The powerful and versatile heavy duty drone platform

We are now launching Xer X8 – the first heavy duty hybrid drone available. Launch it in minutes and fly for more than 2 hours. The X8 carries 2 kg payloads and handles adverse weather and winds easily. 


You can equip the X8 to suit the most demanding missions. It can replace helicopters and other crewed vehicles for many use cases, which means you can expand your business capabilities while reducing risks, costs and energy use. The X8 flies under the EASA A3 “Open” category.

Xer Technologies X8 Car transport folded

2 hr flight time

The X8 offers unbeatable endurance compared to battery-powered drones. The strong hybrid engine provides all the power needed for demanding missions – 2-2.5 hrs depending on conditions and payload. It’s also very cost- and energy-efficient compared to manned vehicles such as helicopters or boats.

Wind & weather resilient

The Heavy Duty construction of the X8 means that your team can go out and execute missions, whatever the weather throws at you. The X8 will perform reliably in up to 35 knots of wind, rain/snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Xer Technologies X8 folding arms

A customisable platform

Designed to carry a wide range of different sensors and multiple heavy payloads with specialised functions, the X8 can adapt to your mission at hand.

Reduce Costs

Compared to battery-powered drones, the X8’s 2 hr+ flight time with substantial payloads will completely change how you operate today. Xer drones offer significant cost savings for many common use cases since they can replace helicopters and other crewed vehicles.

Reduce emissions

Compared to using helicopters, Xer Drones can drastically reduce CO2 emissions. The hybrid engine is fuel-effective and powerful. It provides ample electrical power onboard to run energy-demanding payloads such as advanced sensors, flood- or spotlights, winches etc.

Reduce risks

With the X8 you can take on complicated missions in adverse weather, night or limited visibility, or in dangerous, remote locations where a conventional drone or helicopter is not an option.


Custom sensors

Xer drones are platforms ready for customisation according to your needs. We can fit almost any sensor, including high definition cameras, multispectral sensors, LiDAR, IR sensor, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), sonars etc. Contact us to discuss and find solution to your needs.

Custom solutions

Xer’s drone solutions are designed to be customisable to meet the applications your use case needs. Fly further? Use satellite navigation? Extra flight range? High altitude flights? Let us help. We love a challenge – just like our drones!


  • 4-arm multicopter with coaxial contra-rotating propellers
  • Length/Width:
  • – flight mode:203 cm / 6.66 ft
  • – transport mode:60 cm / 2.03 ft
  • Height:62 cm / 2.03 ft
  • Frame: Full carbon-fibre exoskeleton
  • Transport mode: Foldable quick-release arms
  • Low electromagnetic and vibrational profile for high quality sensor integration and noise reduction


  • Weather resistance: capable of flying in harsh wind (up to 35 knots/18 m/s) and rain and snow conditions
  • Temperature range: As per customer requests
  • Flight time: 2–2.5 hours
  • Max speed: 50 km/h (27 knots/14 m/s)
  • Engine:
    – 2-stroke hybrid electric propulsion 5 kWe
    – Remote engine start from control station
  • Communication system:
    – 433 MHz / 2.4 GHz (in Europe) (20km range)
    – US compliant version available on demand
    – 4G (unlimited range within 4G network)
    – PX4 based autopilot
    – Quick deployment: 2 minutes

Safety systems

  • Integrated collision avoidance system
  • Fully autonomous parachute deployment
  • Battery for emergency landing
  • Buoyancy in case of emergency landing on water

Maintenance interval

  • 150 hours maintenance interval
  • 500 hours overhaul interval


Xer drones have integrated mounting brackets and ready-made power and communication connectors to integrate almost any sensor system.

Examples of sensor payload customisations (single or multi-sensor configurations possible):

  • – ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems
  • – Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • – Multispectral / Hyperspectral
  • – Radioactivity detectors
  • – Gas detector

Communication system options:

  • – Satellite systems
  • – Long-distance directional antenna


Extra fuel tanks for long-range and/or long flight time missions.