How fast can you launch the Xer X8?

The Xer X8 is designed to launch fast, but how fast can we do it?

Watch the countdown, from parking the car until the X8 is in the air. 

(Side note: We have sped up the video, but the countdown shows actual time. )  

The Xer X8 is a hybrid electric, heavy duty drone that can fly 2.5 hours with 3 kg payload. It can fly in severe weather and wind conditions and is well-suited for BVLOS missions – inspection of large infrastructure, Search and Rescue, Public Safety, Surveillance & Border Control, Demining and disaster relief to name a few.    

The X8 can carry a wide range of payloads: (EO/IR/corona/multispectral), LiDAR, Gas detection (OGI), Ground Penetrating Radar, radiation sensors and more. 

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