LINIA Empowers Xer Technologies’ Hybrid-Electric X8 Drone for Groundbreaking Long-Range Inspections

PRESS RELEASE Zurich / Dietikon, Switzerland, 12 December 2023 – Xer Technologies and LINIA, two leading Swiss industry innovators, proudly announce a groundbreaking collaboration, seamlessly integrating LINIA’s cutting-edge automated flight route software with the state-of-the-art X8 UAV platform. This partnership marks a significant leap forward in the realm of automated drone inspections, especially for powerline assessments.

The integration of LINIA’s automated flight route software with Xer’s X8 UAV platform significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of drone-based inspections. The fusion of LINIA’s advanced automation with the Xer X8’s endurance and weight capacity results in a substantial increase in daily inspection output.

In contrast to standard battery-powered drones, the extended endurance of the Xer X8 enables a fourfold increase in daily tower inspections, enhancing productivity and delivering superior visual assets to support inspection missions effectively.

Key Offerings from Xer Technologies and LINIA:

  • Speed: A single 2.5-hour flight with the Xer X8 and LINIA preplanning data can capture high-resolution images of 30 to 75 towers, depending on their size
  • Cost reduction: The collaboration streamlines inspections through minimized pilot repositioning, significantly reducing the need for on-site visits by trained professionals
  • Improved asset management: High-quality observations, detailed documentation, and timely repairs contribute to improved asset management, resulting in long-term cost savings for power grid operators
  • Safety: Automation minimizes the risk of mishandling drones, enhancing overall flight safety
  • Faster restoration of power supply: Faster fault identification and timely power supply restoration lead to reduced downtime during outages
Xer X8 powerline inspection Drone long flighttime
Photo: Xer X8 UAS performing long-range powerline inspection using flight path automation by LINIA

Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato, Managing Director of LINIA, emphasizes the transformative impact of Xer’s long-range drone: “Xer’s drone redefines the game. Automation has already elevated inspection speed and data quality, but the frequent battery changes and relocations every 20 minutes hinder competing with helicopter inspections. The Xer X8 stands out by enabling significantly longer flights compared to traditional multicopter drones, all while carrying cutting-edge camera equipment. Ultimately, more airborne time translates to inspecting more power lines. Additionally, this solution contributes to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions compared to manned helicopter inspections.”

Photo: Example of LINIA air flight route, used by Xer X8 for safe and effective transmission tower inspection

Gökmen Çetin, Sales Manager of Xer Technologies, recognizes the power industry’s swift transition to drone-based inspections. He affirms, “The collaborative solution from LINIA and Xer Technologies is poised to offer distinctive advantages for grid operators, presenting opportunities for cost savings and heightened data quality. We are impressed by the LINIAair solution and the competence of the team behind it.”

View the latest joint project in the video above.

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LINIA AG, a Swiss startup based in Zurich, is on a mission to increase the security of supply of power grid operators. With integrated software solutions, LINIA enables a digitalized inspection process that raises the inspection quality and speed to new levels. As a result, grid operators save money and reduce CO2 emission by reducing tower climbs and helicopter flights.

About Xer Technologies AG
Xer Technologies AG, based in Switzerland, is committed to crafting, producing, and promoting customizable, robust Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solutions. Our mission is to empower customers with actionable data insights, fostering a safer, more efficient, and sustainable world. The Xer X8 UAV boasts swift deployment within 2 minutes, leveraging its distinctive hybrid-electric technologies to carry payloads exceeding 7 kg, while navigating adverse weather conditions and sustaining flights for up to 2.5 hours.

Issued by LINIA AG and Xer Technologies AG

Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato, Managing Director, LINIA AG

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