Xer X8 for Search And Rescue (SAR)

The Xer X8 is a highly capable UAS for critical Search and Rescue missions, where you need to react and launch fast, with a high degree of reliability in demanding weather conditions and long-endurance/BVLOS capabilities. 

Xer X8 Flight capabilities:

  • Carries 3 kg payload for 2.5 hours
  • 1000+ metres above sea level (max 2000m)
  • Winds up to 35 knots
  • -20 °C

The X8 is a mission-ready UAS with flexible payload integration and customisation possibilities:

  • High-end EO/IR cameras
  • AI for object detection/recognition
  • Long range communication equipment for pre-defined mission search patterns
  • Delivery of equipment/supplies (floatation device, food, water, medication etc)

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