Xer heavy duty drones bring a new standard to demanding applications such as Infrastructure Inspection, Search & Rescue, Public Safety, Humanitarian Action and Environmental Missions. Developed by and for experienced professionals, Xer heavy duty drones deliver the edge you need to engage in the most challenging missions.

Infrastructure Inspection

Xer heavy duty drones make inspecting and monitoring large-scale infrastructures such as railroads, pipelines and powerlines more efficient than ever. With 8-10 times longer flight time compared to conventional drones, Xer opens up entirely new possibilities. Imagine what you can get done in a day when you don’t need to stop to change batteries every 20 minutes? Xer allows you to inspect critical infrastructure over vast areas for defects, assembly errors and hazardous vegetation growth.

Coupling long-distance missions with payloads such as LiDAR, multispectral, and infrared sensors, our drones will deliver unprecedented levels of visual inspection leading to elevated actionable data. For many use cases, the X8 can replace helicopters which reduces cost, CO2 and risk to life. Xer brings the future of infrastructure inspection to you today.

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Search and Rescue

Xer heavy duty Drones take search and rescue to a higher plane. With easy and fast deployment, first responders can take to the sky in minutes and stay airborne for several hours, increasing their reach and ability to capture detailed visual data. This new level of drone intelligence and agility is critical to elevate the success rate of demanding S&R missions.

Furthermore, during rapid response missions, the X8 minimises risks in extreme weather and dangerous terrain. With its highly flexible design, X8 can carry a wide range of payloads allowing pilots to drop life-saving equipment such as first aid kits or defibrillators to intended targets. Contact us to learn how you can customise your drone for success.

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Public safety

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) have been standard equipment for law enforcement and public safety departments for years. Now, with Xer driving drone technology for this sector, safety teams can maintain critical vantage points for long periods over chaotic situations from a safe distance. Emergency agencies can more effectively use drones where deploying ground personnel is too risky and be first on location with extra eyes-in-the-sky for sensitive accidents and crime scenes while capturing critical data and evidence.

In addition to superior flight time, Xer’s heavy duty drone platform can be equipped with premium cameras and thermal imaging to effectively monitor dense areas when locating missing persons or tracking suspects. Get in touch to learn how you can customise your Xer Drone for enhanced public safety operations.

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Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian action involves disaster response and aid relief. The objective is to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during the aftermath of crises and natural disasters. With its long flight time, heavy payloads and handling of adverse weather conditions, Xer heavy duty drones empower response teams to deliver more supplies faster, in rough conditions, to those in need.

With their heavy-duty capabilities, Xer drones are also effective for humanitarian mine clearance efforts, aiding workers to collect valuable aerial data without risk to life, in the pursuit of restoring peace and security at the community level.

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Environmental Missions

Today, the planet is under extreme environmental pressure. Efforts to find solutions require new, more powerful and intelligent tools. Xer delivers a customisable drone platform for flexible application of intelligent sensors and software to aid organisations combatting deforestation, coastal erosion, and anti-poaching.

Xer heavu duty drones can support the effective combination of cameras, radars, LiDAR, thermometers, wind gauges, darts and humidity & pressure sensors to map and monitor immense terrains, coastlines and roaming wildlife. Our drones remove the expense and danger of crewed missions. Get in touch to learn how you can enhance your ability to support environmental missions.

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