Heavy duty drones

The most powerful hybrid engine drones for demanding industry applications. Up to 4 hour flight time and 20 kg payload in adverse weather conditions.


The powerful and versatile heavy duty drone platform

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Designed for the most demanding operators – engineered for the most demanding missions

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Up to 4 hr flight time

The strong hybrid engine provides the power needed for demanding missions – up to 4 hr flight time on a single tank.

Wind & weather resilient

The Heavy Duty construction of X12 and X8 means your team can execute missions, whatever the weather throws at you.

20 kg payload

Thanks to the unique design and strong hybrid engine, you can carry heavier payloads for longer than ever before.

Cost and risk reduction

Replacing helicopters, boats and other manned vehicles, Xer drones offer both cost savings and risk reduction for many common use cases.

Swedish quality

Xer Drones are proudly designed and manufactured by seasoned Drone experts in Sweden.

Low carbon footprint

Compared to the manned, heavier vehicles they replace, Xer Drones can help your operations dramatically reduce energy use and CO2 emissions.


Xer X12 and X8 are here to revolutionise drone use across industrial applications

Infrastructure inspection

With up to 4 hour flight time and the possibility to carry different sensors, Xer Drones are ready to become the new standard for Inspection Drones.

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Search and Rescue

First to respond in adverse weather at sea, in the mountains or other remote locations. Carry up to 20 kg of equipment for up to 2 hours.

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Public safety

Xer drones are ideal tools for tactic Surveillance missions in any environment. Deploy the Drone in minutes, stay in the air for hours.

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