Management Team

Xer Technologies is led by an experienced and diverse management team, each bringing unique competences to the company. Are you looking to work with us? Check out our Jobs Page with open positions.

Kristofer Skantze, CEO

MSc in engineering physics. 20+ years experience from innovative and entrepreneurial companies; complex technical project development, business development, developing and leading sales and marketing teams; financing, including the listing of Rex International Holding Ltd in Singapore in 2013 and raising US$ 200 million.

Erik Herlyn, CFO

Mechanical Engineer with 25+ years experience in the financial markets. Erik spearheaded the IPO of two companies acting as CEO and CFO. He managed the financial services divisions within KPMG and Capgemini Switzerland.

Waldemar Schäfer, CTO 

Aerospace/Avionics Engineer, 15+ years experience in the development of fixed and rotary wing, manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Fully responsible for designing a rotary-wing VTOL UAV (150 kg), head of engineering for a new helicopter design and lead engineer of the most advanced single-engine turboprop airplane worldwide. 

Fredrik Broström, Head of Business Development 

16+ years of experience in business development within the technology sector, with a specific focus on start-ups, product development, partnerships and fundraising.

Gökmen Çetin, International Sales Manager

MSc. Electrical Engineering & IT, 10+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing and Business Development of technical, complex products for applications in the Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Intralogistics sectors. Enabled successful market launches of new innovations for start-ups and business expansion into new markets for holdings with closing of multimillion tenders.