Large Drone Platforms

UNDER DEVELOPMENT – Larger, more powerful Heavy Duty Drone Platforms for demanding missions.

Building upon our first UAS, the X8, Xer Technologies are developing an extended product offering for Large Drone Platforms. We are currently working and prototyping larger multi-copter, hybrid-electric platforms with larger payload and longer flight time. We will revert with more details as we get closer to launch. Feel free to reach out if you have interest in larger platforms.

Longer flight times

Thanks to Xer’s inhouse-designed hybrid engine technologies, our bigger drones will be able to perform longer, demanding missions – up to 4+ hrs, depending on set up and payload. This opens new use cases, previously reserved for crewed aircraft, but Xer UAS are much more cost- and energy-efficient.

Wind & weather resilient

The heavy-duty construction of Xer UAS means that your team will be able to execute missions even in adverse weather conditions. We design our UAS to perform reliably in up to 35 knots of wind, demanding weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures.

Bigger payloads

Thanks to design features like carbon fibre exoskeleton design and the powerful hybrid engine, Xer UAV:s will be able to carry even larger payloads. This opens new business opportunities for drone operators, as you can replace larger, manned and much more expensive vehicles.

A customisable platform

Xer UAS adapts to your needs. Designed to carry a wide range of sensors and multiple heavy payloads with specialised functions, they easily transform to meet the demands of your mission at hand.

Reduce Costs

Xer UAS offers substantial cost savings for many common use cases since they can replace helicopters and other manned vehicles. Compared to battery-powered drones, Xer’s hybrid UAV’s vastly improve flight time and lift capabilities enhancing mission efficacy and transforming operational ROI.

Reduce emissions

Compared to using helicopters, Xer Drones can drastically reduce CO2 emissions. The hybrid engine is fuel-efficient and powerful. It also provides ample electric power onboard to run energy-demanding payloads such as spotlights, speakers or winches.

Reduce risks

With Xer UAS you can take on complicated missions in adverse weather, night or limited visibility, or in dangerous, remote locations where you can’t use a conventional drone or helicopter, reducing risk to life.

Custom sensors

Xer UAS platforms are ready for customisation according to your needs. We will be able to fit almost any sensor, including high-definition cameras, multispectral sensors, LiDAR, IR sensor, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), sonars, etc. Contact us to discuss and find solutions for your needs.

Custom solutions

Xer’s UAS are fully customisable to meet our customers’ needs. Fly BVLOS with satellite navigation? Extra flight range? High altitude flights? Get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can help