The Heavy Duty Drone Platform for demanding missions

Xer X12 is the most heavy duty hybrid drone on the market today. Whatever your mission is, you can be ready to fly in minutes and stay in the air for up to 4 hours, carry heavy payloads and handle adverse wind and weather. The X12 replaces helicopters and other manned vehicles for a range of missions, which means you can expand your business capabilities while reducing risks, costs and energy use.

Up to 4 hr flight time

The strong hybrid engine provides all the power needed for demanding missions – up to 4 hrs on a single tank. Unbeatable endurance compared to battery-powered drones. Cost- and energy-efficient compared to manned vehicles such as helicopters or boats.

Wind & weather resilient

The Heavy Duty construction of X12 means that your team can go out and execute missions, whatever the weather throws at you. The X12 performs reliably in up to 35 knots of wind, rain/snow and sub-zero temperatures.

20 kg payload

Thanks to the carbon fibre exoskeleton design and the powerful engine, the X12 can carry payloads unheard of for drones at these price points. This opens up new use cases and business opportunities for drone operators as you can replace larger, manned and much more expensive vehicles.

A customisable platform

The X12 can be whatever you want it to be, depending on your given specifications. Designed to be able to carry a wide range of different sensors and multiple heavy payloads with specialised functions, it can easily adapt to your mission at hand.

Reduce Costs

Xer drones offer substantial cost savings for many common use cases since they can replace helicopters and other manned vehicles. Compared to battery-powered drones, the X12’s vastly improved flight time and heavy payload capabilities will completely change the way you run your operation today.

Reduce emissions

Compared to using helicopters, Xer Drones can drastically reduce CO2 emissions. The smart hybrid engine is fuel-effective and powerful. It provides ample electrical power onboard to run energy-demanding payloads such as big lights, speakers or winches.

Reduce risks

With the X12 you can take on complicated missions in adverse weather, night or limited visibility, or in dangerous, remote locations where you can’t go with a conventional drone or helicopter.


Custom sensors

Xer drones are platforms ready for customisation according to your needs. We can fit almost any sensor, including high definition cameras, multispectral sensors, LiDAR, IR sensor, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), sonars etc. Contact us to discuss and find solution to your needs.

Custom solutions

Xer’s drone solutions are fully customisable to meet the use case applications needs. Fly further? Use satellite navigation? Extra flight range? High altitude flights? Let us help. We love a challenge – just like our drones!