FPV chasing the Xer X8

Shot on a beautiful day in the Swiss alps, this FPV chase demanded equal parts flight planning and full focus from both pilots during the shoot. The smooth handling of the Xer X8 makes it reliable in critical missions where precision is necessary. Thanks to Bemoved for the excellent FPV skills and footage!

The Xer X8 is a heavy duty, hybrid electric drone that carries 3 kg payload for 2.5+ hours in the most demanding conditions. 

Flight capabilities:

  • 1000+ metres above sea level (flights conducted up to 2700m air density)
  • -20 °C
  • Winds up to 35 knots

The X8 is a mission-ready UAS for the most demanding jobs:

  • Inspection
  • Public Safety
  • Search and Rescue

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